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O2 Armor

O2 Armor

O2 Armor

Make O2 Armor Nasal Filters Part of Your Personal Safety Kit and Protect You and Your Family Against:

Mold - Pollen - Dust - Smoke - Pollution and Car Exhaust - Construction Debris - Second-Hand Smoke - Animal Dander - Airborne Allergens - Airborne Germs and Viruses

O2 Armor Concealed Nasal Filtration provides a convenient, comfortable, easy-to-use solution to block airborne pollutants when wearing a dust mask is impractical, uncomfortable, ineffective due to facial hair, or would prevent clear communications.

O2 Armor Nose Filters are made from a medical-grade plastic nasal dilator that incorporates filter media from a leading manufacturer. Our filters effectively capture up to 99% of pollen, smoke, dust, lead dust, airborne sawdust, allergens, pet dander, mold, pollution, germs, and viruses measuring down to less than 2.5 microns (PM2.5) in size.

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O2 Armor Nasal Filters

O2 Armor Concealed Nasal Filtration provides a convenient, comfortable, easy-to-use solution when facing poor air quality conditions. Use O2 Armor when wearing a mask is impractical, uncomfortable, ineffective, or would prevent clear communications.

Common Allergens

For those suffering from airborne allergies, O2 Armor can be a total life changer. These nasal filters are comfortable enough to wear daily and can often be reused. Find your perfect fit with our sample pack today and see how much better you can breathe!

Everyday Use

Great for indoor and outdoor activities, including yard work, commuting through traffic, traveling through high traffic places like airports, working where there is a large quantity of dirt and debris… anywhere you are concerned about air quality! They are super convenient to keep on hand!

Shooting Sports

Use O2 Armor as part of your range safety kit to help combat lead dust hazards known to be particularly concentrated when shooting indoors. We would never go to the range without our hearing and eye protection, now we can protect our lungs with O2 Armor.

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