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Hard Hat Accessories

Hard Hat Accessories

Hard Hat Accessories

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Our lineup of hard hat accessories includes important safety upgrades such as hard hat visors and brackets. We have hard hat visors suitable for welding as well as for other jobs that will protect your eyes and face while your hard hat protects your head. Our visors are available in numerous styles, sizes, colors and prices so you can find exactly the one you need to fit your job and budget. We even have standard and retractable chin protectors for jobs where your chin may be in jeopardy from splashes or impacts.

Construction Gear also carries many accessories to enhance your comfort while wearing a hard hat. These accessories include hard hat shades and sweatbands to guard against sun and heat. We also have hard hat winter liners to protect against the cold. Check out our full line of hard hat accessories to find out how inexpensive and simple it is to enhance your safety and comfort while wearing a hard hat.

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